When we established VR Northwest we knew we needed two key ingredients; deep visual media experience and young technical brilliance. Pairing Lyon Films’ decades of film direction with a team of young talented developers with experienced tech direction has rendered us a VR team to be reckoned with.


Our process has been grooved over the first part of 2015 and we are confident that we have tested pretty much every platform available, we have mastered our selected platforms and believe in our product. We can make great VR content. We can capture your imagination and we can tell a story all around you. Work with us to make something unbelievable and join us on the cutting edge!

The Full Package

VR Northwest is a full service VR production agency. We offer our clients an end-to-end service from collaborative conception to global deployment. Our team is experienced in planning, execution, production, post-production and platform deployments from Oculus to Google Cardboard ensuring that the experience can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere – right now.

360° Video

Our Portland, Oregon based studio is able to manage 360° Video Production anywhere in the US (and maybe beyond). Our highly skilled operators, world class equipment and post-production suite ensure that the final product is stitched, graded and deployed to perfection. Our goal is always to ensure an immersive, engaging experience that pushes the boundaries of ‘possible’ to their limits.

Virtual Reality

Our development team is well versed in Unity, Unreal, and After Effects and are able to construct entirely new worlds from scratch or blend the un-real with the real to appear seamlessly integrated. Our belief is that new VR technology really has made the impossible possible, if you have a concept, let’s talk, let’s collaborate and see what we can do to make it – virtually – real.

Ful Spectrum Deployment

Whether it is a virtual tour of your attraction or destination, or a full message-led immersive experience, you’ll want to know that your finished product can reach as many people as possible. Our tech team is experienced in deployments to Oculus, Web360, Google Cardboard. We can make custom apps for delivery via the Android and iOS App Stores, we can even build you a completely custom, embeddable HTML5 Web360 player for your website.




Pioneer Square, Portland, OR

We shot this video with the intention of testing trackable hotspots to trigger an action. Use your mouse or gaze control (when in VR) to find the stationary, temporary or moving beacons which trigger a hotspot revealing more information. These “hotspots” can trigger anything such as another image, video, panorama, URL to another site or application, or other conceivable action. VR mode is activated automatically when using a mobile phone.


Salem, Oregon Capitol

We shot 7 different location in and around the Capitol building in Salem, Oregon. We built a custom embeddable player, added a menu skin, some player options, as well as a VR-ready version for Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift integration (when using Chromium browser) for quick access to full immersion. Enjoy the tour by finding hotspots with pertinent information relating to your direct surroundings. A fully immersive and educational tool!






  • Devon Lyon
  • Michael Hill
    Creative Director
  • Ben Bogard
    Lead Developer


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