VR Northwest is a full service VR production agency based in Portland, Oregon. We offer our clients an end-to- end service from collaborative conception to global deployment. Our team is experienced in planning, execution, production, post-production and platform deployments ensuring that the experience can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere – right now.


Creating quality virtual reality, or interactive video experiences, takes planning. Knowing what to do, and more importantly, what not to do is critical. We work with each client to make sure their unique vision is realized in the highest quality possible.


Our team understands production. Whether you need us to produce a standalone VR project or integrate with a traditional live action shoot, we have you covered. With a background in production for Fortune 500 companies, we understand the unique demands of life on set or on location. We’ve worked with just about every camera rig out there, from custom-built units, to industry standards like Ozo and GoPro. Getting it right is always paramount, but 360 video is unquestionably unique and our experienced team will make you look good.


We will shepherd your project from start to finish. Our post-production workflow includes industry standard tools like AutoPano, Giga, After Effects, Nuke and Cara VR. Whether you’ve already filmed your project and just need a post expert, or want to work with us from the beginning, we have you covered.


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We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your project. Whether we work with your brand from start-to- finish, consult at the beginning, or provide post-production services, at VR Northwest we will make you look good.
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